Hi, I’m Todd Thomas. I like learning about the universe: the things it contains, and how they work.

I like learning about tools, and using tools to build things, and building tools to help people learn and build things.

I’ve used Apple’s hardware and software tools for a long time because they make me happy. I don’t mind if you don’t feel the same way. Everyone should use and build the tools that make them happy.

I’m a software engineer. Most recently I’ve been building apps for Apple platforms using the Swift programming language. Before that, I developed web apps, APIs, and distributed systems with Ruby on Rails. Before that, I wrote C and C++ code for apps and operating systems that shipped on physical disks in shrink-wrapped packages.

I like talking with people about what I’ve learned. Prior to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, you could find me every other Thursday at public night at Denver’s Historic Chamberlin Observatory, discussing astronomy and operating its 20” refractor telescope. I eagerly look forward to doing that again someday.

I like writing about what I’ve learned. It’s hard! I want to get better at it by writing a lot here.

This blog is made with Jekyll, and built and deployed by Netlify. Its source code repository is not public, because even though I like showing how I change the way I think about building software, I don’t think I like showing how I change the way I think about myself. Maybe that’s a subject for a blog post.