I’m a compulsive editor of my writing. Even a text message might require a few revisions for accuracy, tone, or nuance.

And the revising doesn’t stop when I’ve hit “Send” or “Commit”. For example: I reread Slack messages after I post them, and if a better turn of phrase occurs to me, and the conversation is still in progress, I make the change. I fix my typos whenever I find them, whether or not there’s anyone still around to notice.

And I love git commit --amend if I find an error in a commit message I haven’t yet pushed. If my mistake does make it upstream for all to see…ugh.

So of course I’ll be revising my blog posts after I publish them. I’ll fix typos and minor errors without fanfare, but I’ll keep track of major corrections or enhancements in a Revision History section at the end of each post that has them.

This is not to say that I catch all my mistakes. I’m continually surprised how easy it is to overlook a typo or even a serious error in something I’ve been writing and reading and rereading.

In fact, I’ve edited my first post nine times since I published it two days ago, and that was after working on it for more than a week.

And yes, there’s already a Revision History for my first post. Hopefully this post won’t require one! But I won’t be surprised if I have to quietly fix a typo after it’s published.